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Quiz: Do you know Today’s English Slang? ...

Publicado el: 23/03/2018
Have you talked with a teenager lately? If you have, I know that at some point of the conversation your mind was like:

Especially when you heard the phrase “The party was Lit” or someone told you to “give them a ring” and you almost freaked out ´cause you were not even thinking about giving that person a gift, or what´s even worst… you don’t want to marry them! It happened to me, so don’t feel ashamed.

If you are one of us, my dear friend, feel free to answer this test and add some new slang to your vocabulary! Use it as much as possible and always try to learn new stuff to keep up and stay cool. If you think you are a Slang Pro though, I dare you to answer this test without Google’s help and invite your friends to answer it and prove who’s the “English Slang Champion”

Let´s play!

1. Savage:
2. “Hit me up” when you come to the city:
3. You are so “Extra”
4. Hundo P
5. Low Key
6. I “Ship” them
7. Your outfit is “snatched”
8. “Pull your socks up”
9. BAE
10. “Headdesk”

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