New Year Resolutions: Make 2018 your most productive year yet.


New Year Resolutions: Make 2018 your most productive year yet...

  Here we are, mid-January. I know we are a Little bit late, but let's be honest it’s never too late to start your year on the right foot. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to work out or that you should eat healthier (although you should). I'm going to give you a couple of ideas to be more productive in the workplace.

1. Do something for you every day

Live your life, try new things, go to different places, not everything is about work. Stop thinking about your to-do list and relax.

2. Give yourself credit when you deserve it.

You did a good job and no one told you anything. Don’t worry, you know you're awesome and the value of your work. One way to do this is to keep reminders of successful ventures..

3. Try to learn a new skill at least once a month.

Read a book or an article. Take classes, talk to different people. The opportunities for learning are multiplying every day in this information age. It will not only good on your resume, it will make you smarter .

4. Step out of your comfort zone.

Don’t be afraid of speaking during a meeting if you have a good idea. Do you deserve a raise? Ask for it. There’s another position in the company, apply now. Worst case scenario: You'll get a No for an answer, Best Case Scenario: It's a Yes!

5. Declutter.

After 365 days of paper accumulation, it’s time to toss some on the trash. A clean workspace it’s your goal this year.

6. Do a Pre-game Ritual.

Before starting the day, drink coffee, eat something, listen to your favorite song. Do whatever helps you clear your mind and go on full work mode.


There you have it. These small ideas will give you the boost you need to improve your day to day activities at work

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