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5 Movie/Series Characters You'll Find at Your Workplace...

  Publicado el: 08/01/2020
The decade of the New Millennium brought eagerness, anxiety (mainly because “the world was ending”), and remarkable movie and series characters, who change the world with their wittiness, uniqueness, and charm. Have you ever met someone at your workplace that reminds you of a movie or series character? Listed below you’ll find 5 characters from the 2000s that depict somebody you have met before.

1.Miranda Priestly

This would typically be the boss that could make you cry. Miranda Priestly is the editor-in-chief of a prestigious fashion magazine. She depicts a very powerful, leading and determined woman. An authoritarian, a little aggressive, picky and harsh boss or superior that you lowkey are afraid of. She does not take a “NO” for an answer. You want to be on her good graces because she is mean and has some sort of authority over you, and most importantly can make your life a living hell. If you’ve met a Miranda in your life chances are that that person is demanding, commanding and precise. She is known to be a devil, just like regular bosses.


Have you ever met someone that is shamelessly a horrendous dancer, with even more questionable dance moves, but also charming? That’s a Chandler for you! Or someone who is awful at flirting but at least gives it a shot? That’s a Chandler for ya! But despite it all, this coworker finds humor in every situation, also accompanied by a side of sarcasm. The best thing about a Chandler at your workplace is that you know you can count on him being the clown of the group and making everyone have a good laugh at work.

3. Elle Woods

Smarter than she appears. Sassy beyond belief, empathetic and charismatic as a puppy (also has a Chihuahua). She is the typical next cubicle or office type of chick. She is the type of coworker that beams out positivity and kindness, to the point of been mildly irritating. By both taking risks and remaining true to herself, she single-handedly breaks down stereotypes about what girls can and can’t do. She embodies and believes you can be drop-dead-gorgeous and remarkably smart. She is the epitome of women's empowerment because she wants to prove that she is capable rather than just pretty. She is the total feminazi of the office and will cross you out if you say anything slightly chauvinistic.

4. Sheldon Cooper

The tall, brilliant Sheldon Copper is a bizarre individual whom a lot of people identify with, even some of your coworkers. In many ways, Sheldon fits in with the general stereotype of the eccentric genius so often seen in your workplace, like the IT guys. The typical “nerd” that suffers from the “to smart for his own good” sickness and has a hard time socializing. If you have a Sheldon in your life you know that behind all the snarky comments, he is a loving person that is highly misunderstood.

5.Gracie Hart

Intelligent, brave, independent and a little bit tough like most girls. Gracie is the typical tough tomboy girl. This coworker has always seen her independence and strength as opposed to femininity, so she initially looks down on women that wear makeup and dress “lady-like.” Chances are that if you get to know a Gracie at your workplace you would realize how fragile and sweet, she is.


We all carry a little bit of each of these characters because they are contemporary characters that shaped the movie and tv industry. No matter which character you identify with, in altia we have room for everyone. Apply now to our vacancies and have fun at your workplace.

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