How to Keep the Flame Going with your Job


How to Keep the Flame Going with your Job ...

  Publicado el: 19/03/2020
  Remember how excited you were when you got hired? How everyone and everything seemed interesting and worth the extra mile? It's kind of when you start dating someone at first, all rainbows and butterflies. But soon enough reality sinks in and the honeymoon phase fades away taking the relationship for granted. In many ways you have a relationship with your job just as you do with a significant other, meaning that if you want this relationship to be successful, you’ll have to put in the work. But let the relationship unravel itself with its stages and you’ll make the best out of this, and even if you have to part ways it taught you something

The first day job!

The first day makes you feel wanted, needed, like what you are getting paid for is an important job, so try to be productive and reliable. Build a good first impression with your peers as well as with your boss. You are happy because you are so productive, and you’re more productive because you are so happy.

Then the second stage, reality, sets in

You still enjoy your job, but you notice certain behaviors in clients, coworkers, and bosses that you realize that you are working there now. Deadlines seem endless and impossible. It becomes harder to arrive early or stay late. The days seem longer than they used too, deadlines seem closer than ever and you are about to lose it. You find yourself daydreaming about other jobs, just as you would imagine a relationship with a different significant other than the one you have. And you feel awful as if you were taking your significant other for granted.

In jobs as in love, it’s very important to pull yourself together.

Just as Edna Mode, says pull yourself together because this job is not going to keep itself unless you pull yourself out of the negative stage you’ve entered. Just like in any relationship, work can get tricky, difficult to handle at times, but worth it. Be appreciative of your job, many people don’t realize how good it is to be employed than unemployed. Think about the time you started working there, reset your challenges, rekindle your work flame. You must have had good reasons for taking your job. What were they? Make a list of them and expect to experience those joys again in your daily routine.

Begin each day with a positive mind

We are what we think we are and what we consciously practice. Start each week with motivation, reward yourself for making deadlines, or arriving early to get ahead of your work. Smile and try to smile more often, it will change your attitude throughout the day. Do the worst task you have every day. Even the most fantastic job includes tasks that aren’t much fun. If you get them out of the way, the rest of the day will fly by. Make a list of what the job provides in your personal life beyond the paycheck and you will revive the flame with your work.


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