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The Clash of The Generations, working with people from different age groups ...

  Publicado el: 27/02/2018
  Let me guess! At your workplace you have found that coworker who always asks for help with Skype videocalls; or the one who would never imagine his life without an agenda, is always looking for information and curious facts on the internet; or the coworker who saves money to travel because he has no family commitments, and which would literally have a panic attack without technology.

Hey! Are you any of these type of coworkers? I'm sure you are. Working with people of different ages and generations makes your workplace a little bit funnier though sometimes it might create some challenges when it comes to communicating with them. Here I describe the characteristics of each generation for you to identify with any and learn how to deal with each of them:

1. Baby Boomers (1946-1964):

The perfect example of workaholics! Totally committed to their work, and when they have some free time they love to spend it on outdoor activities like, yes, soccer. Also, they were not born with technology so, my dear Millenial, be patient! You will be an important part of their life, trust me. Advices to deal with a Baby Boomer: When explaining them how to use WhatsApp or any other Social Media don't say "It's sooo easy, how is that you're finding it hard?" because you will hurt their feelings.

2. Generation X (1965-1978):

Wait Peter Pan Generation? Kidults? This people has so much to do, and so much to buy! Let's call them online shopaholics! They don't have any problem to adapt to new things, they think over and over and over to make a decision, but that's good guys! (they think they will never get old remember). Some advices to deal with a Kidult: Don't be offended if they don't want to work with you, they are very independent, also if you receive a compliment from a Kidult, you must be doing a great job.

3. Millennials (1979-2000):

Do you really hate them? Let's give them a chance! They do not imagine their life without technology (panic attack starting at 3,2,1) they are very friendly, love to travel and meet new people, so take your time to talk with them! They like to spend more time in personal activities (and social media) than at a workspace. Advices to make a Millenial your friend: Listen to them, and most important be fun! And please, don't ask them to stay late at work, they have a series they need to go binge to.


But if you think Millennials are difficult wait for Generation Z! Yes! They will start joining your companies pretty soon, and of course we will talk about them next year. Advice: and please don't ignore this, be really careful with the Snapchat Filters!!!


So, here we go! Don't feel bad if at some point you realize you act different from the generation you belong, let's think that you are an extraordinary person at the wrong time (yeah, it should be that). At Altia Business Park we have people of all these generations working for a better Honduras!


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