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Let’s learn from celebrity fashion icons: How to look sharp on the next interview...

  Publicado el: 19/12/2018

“A good first impression can work wonders.”-J.K. Rowling

Do you remember what you wore on your last job interview? How much time did you spend choosing the right outfit? Due to how important this is, we want to help and give you some tips on how to dress and look sharp for your next interview just as celebrities on Red Carpets.

1. Jennifer Aniston and Ryan Gosling

Professional Clothing: Make sure your clothing is neat, clean, and pressed. Girls, a blazer is a “must wear” accessory for an interview, you can combine it with skirt or pants. If you choose skirt, it should be long enough so you can feel comfortable with it. If you decide pants, please don´t wear those that you have to stop breathing and lie down in bed to put them on. Don´t even think about wearing animal printed, you better use solid colors to ensure your outfit is professional enough. Boys, blazers are a great option for you too, you can use them with or without a tie depending on the company´s dress code. Remember a clean shave and a nicely combed hair can make a huge difference in your employer perspective.

2. Jessica Chastain and David Beckham

Shoes: For all women out there, is a great idea to use heels at your interview but please make sure that you can walk comfortably with them. Our advice for you is to use a fairly low-heel, and try not to wear those with an open toe or back. Don´t forget to combine the color of your shoes with your outfit!

Men, you can choose from 2 options; the first one is a leather lace-up pair of shoes and the second one is a slip-on dress shoes. Try to use solid colors like black, brown or navy blue. After choosing your shoes, is important to remember the socks; use a knee or mid-length dress socks in a neutral color that matches your outfit and specially your shoes. Please, avoid the ankle socks for a job interview, they are less formal.

Example of a slip-on shoe Example of a lace-up shoe

3. Eva Longoria and Leonardo DiCaprio

Clean Beauty: The goal for a job interview is to look fresh and natural. Take a shower before your meeting, comb your hair, and remember to wear deodorant and perfume. A fresh breath is a must during the interview. Girls, remember that less is more, stay with a light and natural makeup, use neutral colors for shades and lipstick. Nails are important, keep them clean. Never over accessorize, too much jewelry can distract the employer from what´s important and that´s you!

Now with these tips, your next job interview will be a total success.

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