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Foreign Movies: Sit back, relax, and improve your language skills...

  Publicado el: 24/04/2018
  We all love to watch movies, eat some popcorns, turn off the lights, and spend a relaxing time on our own or with some friends, but imagine if you could take advantage on this hobby to learn at the same time! Isn´t that cool? And if you are not a movie lover, I am sure that after you read this blog, you will start loving movies as much as we do!

Let´s start with a curious fact about foreign movies: they are not usually made for people who are learning English or any other language, instead they are made for native speakers of that language, so everything you will hear on those movies is exactly how they use it in a daily conversation. That really makes a movie more interesting to watch, don´t you think? You can have fun and at the same time improve your language skills.

So, here you have some tips to improve your language through foreign movies.
• Choose movies you already know.

o If you are not that fluent, this will help you a lot. Why? Because you already know the story, so next time you watch your favorite movie try to focus on the language and pronunciation, instead of the main story.

• Use subtitles

o No, you will not be cheating because you are still listening to the words’ sound. First, try subtitles in your own language to understand what they are saying then, get out of your comfort zone and watch movies with subtitles in the original language, this will help you to get the idea of what they are saying when the speech becomes too fast or they are using a very traditional language.

Now it´s movie time! Relax, enjoy and improve your language with these fabulous movies.
1. Finding Nemo

• This is a great movie to improve your language because it’s written for a young audience, so the vocabulary used is not complicated and the story is very funny.

2. The Social Network

• A great movie to learn about computers, technology and social network vocabulary since it´s based on the creation of Facebook. It has a very natural dialogue and easy to understand.

3. The Break-up

• Movie full of everyday slangs. You will be able to learn basic conversational language, also is a very funny movie with very simple humor so you will perfectly understand the inside jokes.


4. Notting Hill

• This movie is perfect to get to know different accents and slang phrases of both British and American languages, this will help you improve your comprehension and who doesn´t love and enjoy to see Hugh Grant acting!


5. The King´s Speech

• What better movie to learn English than a film where people teach the king to pronounce his language correctly? Pronunciation is a big deal in this movie, so you will learn a lot from it, also a couple of exercises to practice language and become more fluent..


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